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Astrology Readings and mini horoscopes

Astrology is an ancient form of divination that is older than Jesus that can be traced back to at least the second millennium BCE, Western astrology came about during the Mesopotamian times. It is used to predict crucial times of psychological change, events coming up in your life and how you can handle them in the best way possible. I offer multiple different styles of readings. Astrological Progressions, Solar arc readings, Solar Return Readings, Monthly Horoscopes, Horary and eclipse readings. Each style is different. If you have specific issues that need to be addressed please contact me for a consultation. We can talk and decide what the best option for you is. 

Horary astrology: This is most often used when I am reading up on a missing or murdered person's case. Horary is when an astrologer answers a question by constructing a horoscope for that moment in time. It is said the stars feel the plight of mankind and if we ask we shall receive an answer. It is a complex process that can garner much information. There are many rules or strictures that must be met before a horary chart can be read. In case of the strictures not being met it is best to contact me for a free consultation prior to the reading so you don't order something that cannot be read properly. Please feel free to contact me through the website or through email at to discuss your Horary reading and whether or not it can be done.


Astrological progressions: Progressions move the natal chart forward one day for each year. They are very unique because they allow an astrologer to see how a person is progressing in life and in personal development. Progressions are a form of predictive astrology, What is foretold is the the individual's reaction to the stimulus, events and environment around them. Progressions show us when and how the potential in the natal chart will be given the opportunity to develop for better or worse. Combined with transits progressions can be very powerful, showing us all the possible paths in front of us. The forks in the road so to say. Astrology does not reveal our fate or circumstances that are unavoidable because we all have free will to pick and choose which path is best for us. Astrology helps you get through times of indecision and assists in helping you walk down the right path. 

Solar Arc Technique: The Solar Arc Technique progresses the chart and planets forward one degree per year. It is one of the oldest astrological methods of progression. When a solar arc planet or angle makes aspects to the natal planet it forecasts situations, transitions, changes or events that may occur in the life of the native. I always use midpoints which are mathematical formula that is  very useful in forecasting with Solar Arcs. 

Solar Returns: A Solar return occurs the moment the sun reaches it's natal position once a year. It is a wonderful way to find out how the upcoming themes of the year will impact you from this birthday to the next.  This report is only good for one year but it is an extremely accurate method of prediction when paired with progressions or solar arcs and midpoints. The comination of Solar arcs or progressions with Solar returns is extremely accurate and called the yearly astrological analysis.